$50,000 Radio Buy to Support Steve Russell


Contact: Tom Donelson

Americas PAC just completed a $50,000 radio ad buy in Oklahoma City to support Steve Russell, a candidate for the Republican nomination in Oklahoma’s 5thCongressional District.

“In these times of international uncertainty, we need Lt. Colonel Steve Russell’s proven leadership in Congress,” said Americas PAC Chairman Tom Donelson.

In surveying the national field of GOP primary candidates in open US Representative seats, Steve Russell stood out from the rest.

Members of Americas PAC were impressed with Steve Russell’s solid, conservative voting record as a State Senator, his stellar performance as a military officer in combat, international strategic expertise and experience as the owner of a rifle manufacturing business

“Steve Russell will have an immediate and long-term impact in Washington,” Donelson said. “Russell’s track record of leadership—being a leader in the hunt for Saddam Hussein, advocacy for Veterans, standing up for the Constitution in the legislature and building a business, make him a high-priority candidate.”

Americas PAC makes decisions to enter a race based on the quality and clear principles of the candidate and thus has committed to supporting Russell early.

“We don’t check to see which the way the wind is blowing in an election,” Donelson said. “We work to make the wind blow the way of the best candidate. In Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, the best candidate is Steve Russell.”

Americas PAC is a Federal, non-connected independent expenditure only committee.