Americas PAC Completes Off-Cycle Campaign


CONTACT: Tom Donelson, Chairman

Americas PAC has completed a six-month issue campaign in IL and is preparing to shift to its election campaign.

“The permanent campaign is the only way to compete against the liberal noise machine,” said Americas PAC Chairman, Tom Donelson. “To be competitive, Americas PAC has gone to a permanent campaign posture, running issue ads in the off-cycle months to promote Republican initiatives and ideas that will create a New Republican Majority.”

Americas PAC has been running radio ads nearly non-stop in IL, WI and other local markets since the Spring of 2012.

“With the primaries over and salient issues of the campaigns developed, Americas PAC will soon transition into advertising that has been tested and proven to move persuadable voters,” Donelson said.

Americas PAC is an IRS section 527 political committee that engages in issue advocacy through and, through its Independent Expenditure Only Committee, direct involvement in Federal elections.