CONTACT: Chairman Tom Donelson

Americas PAC has made a $45,000 radio buy in support of Steve Russell’s campaign for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District.

“Americas PAC committed to Steve Russell in April before the primary and we intend to support him through to the nomination,” said Americas PAC Chairman Tom Donelson.

Americas PAC had a substantial radio campaign in support of Russell in the primary election.

Currently Russell holds a double digit lead in the race according to polling by JMC Analytics.

The new ad for the runoff titled “Never Quit” highlights Russell’s economic stance of stopping out of control government debt and spending that hurt the economy and his success as the owner of a small manufacturing business.

“Most people know Steve Russell as a decorated soldier. He is also a successful businessman who built a manufacturing business from the ground up,” Donelson said.

The ad can be heard using this player <a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>

Americas PAC has supported conservatives and Republicans since 2002 and is currently engaged in radio campaigns supporting Republican candidates in multiple states.