Patrice Douglas: Campaigning for Congress on Taxpayer Time

CONTACT:  Chairman Tom Donelson

Americas PAC released a new ad in Oklahoma City contrasting Steve Russell’s proven record of leadership to Patrice Douglas’ record of raising taxes and reducing the amount of work she performs for the people of Oklahoma.

“Patrice Douglas is campaigning for Congress on Taxpayer time,” said Americas PAC Chairman Tom Donelson.

On February 18th 2014, shortly after she declared as a candidate for U.S. Congress, Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas voted for a motion to have the Commission meet only two days a week instead of five.  On the same day, Douglas made a motion for her to be replaced as Chair of the Commission citing her need to focus on her Congressional campaign.

“Put simply, Commissioner Douglas gave herself three paid days off a week to campaign for Congress.  Douglas is doing 60% less work, but Douglas is still getting her full $111,000 a year government salary,” Donelson said.

The stunning actions of Commissioner Douglas led Tulsa Today to take the dramatic step of Dis-endorsing Patrice Douglas.

“When you listen to the audio of the meeting, it becomes obvious that Douglas is looking for a way to free up more time to run for Congress,” Donelson said.  “After decades of meeting five days a week, the commission suddenly decides to meet only two days a week?  At the exact same time Douglas declares for Congress?”

Audio of the meeting can be heard via this Tulsa Today article.

Americas PAC had not planned on mentioning Douglas’ record.

“Our first ad of the runoff highlighted Steve Russell’s proven record as a small business owner and platform of stopping the out of control government spending that hurts the economy.  But Patrice Douglas, seeing her poll numbers dropping, decided to attack Russell in a desperate attempt to win the election,” Donelson said.  “Members of Americas PAC felt it was necessary to educate the voters of the Fifth District about Patrice Douglas’ record—a record of higher spending and tax increases while Mayor of Edmond and doing less work for the people of Oklahoma while still drawing her full salary as a Corporation Commissioner.”

When a sales tax increase passed, Douglas is quoted by the Edmond Sun as saying, “Yeah, we were able to get it done!”

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of Edmond show a consistent trend of higher government spending while Patrice Douglas was Mayor.

Americas PAC has supported conservatives and Republicans since 2002 and is currently engaged in radio campaigns supporting Republican candidates in multiple states.