CONTACT: Chairman Tom Donelson

Steve Russell (R, OK-5) jumped out to an early lead on election night and handily captured the Republican nomination in the runoff election by double digits.

“Americas PAC went in big for Steve Russell early,” PAC Chairman Tom Donelson said.

Americas PAC committed to Steve Russell in April, when he was polling in fourth place of the six-way GOP primary. For the runoff Americas PAC spent more than $50,000 on radio advertising highlighting Russell’s track record of success as military officer, small business owner and his dedication to stopping the out of control government spending that hurts the economy.

“We got him the nomination!” Donelson exclaimed while watching the election returns. Donleson predicted a Russell win by 8 points a week ago based on polling by VCreek/AMG. “I was confident Russell would win, but did not anticipate nearly all the undecided voters breaking his way. But then again, we did increase our ad buy in the last week.”

Americas PAC has not determined if it will be involved in the general election. The Fifth District of Oklahoma has a Cook PVI of +12 Republican. The likely Democrat nominee is state legislator Al McAffrey, one of the most liberal members of the Oklahoma legislature.

“Americas PAC is involved in elections in multiple states and getting a true constitutional conservative the nomination was our primary objective in Oklahoma,” Donelson said.

Americas PAC has supported conservatives and Republicans since 2002 and is currently engaged in radio campaigns supporting Republican candidates in multiple states.