Expanding Campaigns


Contact: Chairman Tom Donelson

Americas PAC has expanded the scope of its campaigns to include Iowa and New Hampshire and started running a new ad in Illinois.

“We committed to Iowa and New Hampshire a few weeks ago, seeing that we could make the wind blow the way of solid Republican candidates,” Donelson said.

The new ads are in support of Joni Ernst for Senate, Scott Brown for Senate and Marilinda Garcia for US Representative.

Polls currently show Ernst with a slight lead.

“In Iowa, our goal is to move Ernst beyond the Margin of Fraud,” Donelson said.

The polling New Hampshire shows Brown within striking distance and the polling of Garcia’s race is volatile with wild swings depending on the group conducting the poll.

“US Rep races are notoriously hard to poll, but at Americas PAC our shape the environment in favor of candidates,” Donelson said.

Americas PAC also started running a new ad in Illinois in opposition to Dick Durbin.

“It is telling that a new Super PAC is running $1,000,000 in ads to shore up Durbin’s position. We saw early that Durbin would underperform, but this is an indication of potential vulnerability,” Donelson said.

You can listen to the ads below:

Iowa in Support of Joni Ernst

New Hampshire in Support of Scott Brown

New Hampshire in Support of Marilinda Garcia

Illinois in Opposition to Dick Durbin