Radio Campaign in Support of Tim Huelskamp


CONTACT: Tom Donelson, Americas PAC Chairman

Americas PAC has launched a radio ad campaign in support of Tim Huelskamp (R- KS1).

“Huelskamp has been an un-wavering leader in the fight to stop the out of control government debt and spending that hurts the economy,” said Tom Donelson, the Chairman of Americas PAC.

Huelskamp has a 93% on the Heritage Action Scorecard and a track record of Free Market Conservatism going back to his time in the Kansas Legislature.

“Representative Huelskamp understands the Federal Government Debt is a threat to national security and that increased government spending perpetuates a system where the middle classes get stuck with the bill,” Donelson said.

Americas PAC’s ads in support of Huelskamp started running Friday July 15 across Kansas’ ‘Big First’ Congressional District. Audio of Huelskamp comes from a speech he gave at the RightOnLine conference.

Americas PAC is one of the largest Federally Focused SuperPACs and has been supporting conservatives for more than a decade.

You can listen to the ad here